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the centre of the lodge,, chanting the dolorous tune
of the I Saw Dance3 Chief Carry-the-Kettle arose
and planted Ms long., feathered scalp-stick on the
ground In front of him, holding on to It with his
right hand. He stood silent for several seconds,
looking meditatively at a scalp which hung in the
middle of the stick. Then lifting his head firmly
and looking over toward the Blackfeet, he began:

*Hanh~-h! I am going to tell you about some-
thing that happened down here In your own coun-
try, to your own tribe, the Weh-winchasta Seeha-
sapa (Blood-Blackfeet). It Is the story you asked
me to tell—the time I ran and fooled your people.
You know it, BlackfeetP

'Agh, agh, aghl (yes, yes, yes)5? affirmed the
Blackfoot warriors, as they bent forward and
turned their heads to listen,

"This was years ago when I was a chief of few
winters/ continued the chief, CI brought my
people, the Assiniboines, out on the war-path to
seek revenge on the Blackfeet for an attack they
had lately delivered on us In Assinlboia. We
came down here and had crossed the Milk River
[Montana] when early one morning we saw you
for the first time. I was travelling a little ahead
of my party with my brother Hide Scrapings,
when we saw lots of moving objects ahead of us.
It was a hazy morning, and the objects danced up
and down and changed their form like an it&wapi